Upload Files To Individual Students In An Assignment Previous To Submission

Instructors have the ability to upload files to an individual student previous to a submission being made for that assignment. To do this, follow these steps:


  1. In an object where the submit tool is turned on, you can upload a file for a student. submit_turned_on.png
  2. From within that assignment, open the hub in order to view the list of students in your course:open_hub.gif
  3. Next, click on this icon icon.PNG in order to expand the document options for the student
  4. Once expanded, click on the 'faculty uploads' tab:open_upload.gif
  5. Once you are in the faculty uploads section, click 'attach file' then 'upload' to upload a file or 'create' to create a document file using BQ Docs:click_attach.gif
  6. If you are uploading a file from your computer, click 'upload file' after you have selected the file:Clicking_upload.gif
  7. This will display the file under the faculty uploads tab as well as add a purple icon with the number of files that have been uploaded:
  8. purple_colr.png
  9. When students open this assignment, the will see an icon with the number indicating how many files have been uploaded, and they can open the file from there:Student_1.pngstudent_2.png
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