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This article covers:

  1. Video Introduction
  2. Homepage
  3. Homepage Calendar
  4. Viewing a Course
  5. Download Schedule
  6. The Menu Bar
  7. Home
  8. Shortcuts
  9. Email
  10. The Account Section
  11. Logging Out
  12. Help
  13. Current/Upcoming/Completed Courses
  14. Course Page
  15. Course Information Section
  16. Download Course Materials/View Schedule PDF
  17. Apps
  18. Containers
  19. Learning Objects
  20. The Hub

Video Introduction



From the homepage, you can access your courses, email, account, and contacts.


Homepage Calendar

The homepage calendar is where students can find all of their current courses listed as well as the assignments due for the current week.



Each object can be clicked on to open it and view the content. These objects can be many different things such as: course announcements, written assignments, quizzes, discussions posts, and more. If an instructor has not assigned a date to one of the course objects, then it will not appear on your home page.

Viewing a Course

The course information section tells you the course name, title, beginning/end dates, and how many tasks you have due that week. Clicking on the View Course button will open the course.


You must view the course to get all of the course information.

Download Schedule

The Download Schedule button opens a PDF view of the course schedule in a new tab. This is an easy to read table view of the course schedule that can be downloaded, saved, and printed for easy tracking.



The Menu Bar
At the top of the home page you can find many useful menus.



Home always returns you to the homepage where you can access your list of current courses, view assignments due for the week, view the monthly calendar, and view upcoming/previous courses as well.



Shortcuts contains links to many useful resources, such as: 

- The Library, The Bookstore, and The Student Learning Center for any learning materials

- Access to request and check the status of a transcript

- Information on how to use (if your courses use this tool)

- Syllabus Retrieval access to download a syllabus of any previous courses you were enrolled in

- myTools, which allows students to perform many actions, such as dropping/adding courses, checking financial aid, update your personal information, view grades, and more.

- E-textbook information on how to use or opt-out of e-textbooks

You can also find a lot of this information in our help articles for students found here. However, if you have technical issues and need to speak to someone, you can also access the Help Desk here.



The Email icon allows students to open their email in another tab. This icon will take you to Franklin's Outlook page, where you can email your instructors and classmates.


The Account Section

The Account Section can be found on the top right of the home page. This section displays your name and allows you to access the account settings by clicking the drop-down arrow next to your name.


Logging Out

Log Out is how you will exit out of BlueQuill.



Help is where you will find the latest information on using BlueQuill tools. You can click this icon to pull up a search bar and find video tutorials, articles, or community forums to help you resolve any questions.


Current/Upcoming/Completed Courses

This section shows you what courses you are currently enrolled and active in, courses you have previously completed, and courses that start soon. You can click the "Show" buttons beneath each category to view those courses. 


Course Page

Each course page can be accessed by clicking on the "View Course" button from the home page. The course page is where you will find your course content and tools. You can find assignments for the entire semester as well as any announcements or discussion posts.


Course Information Section

This section contains the course name, number and a date timeline that indicates when the course is running or active. You can navigate through the course tools using the Course, Apps, and Groups menu buttons. Clicking on Course will always bring you back to your course's main page.


Download Course Materials and View Schedule PDF

Underneath the Course Information Section is where you will be able to download course materials and view/download the course schedule. The schedule PDF is an easy to read table view of the assignments along with their due dates, points, and time estimates. Next to these options you can see some information about your course as well.



The Apps section contains a link to the Grade Book and Meet.

  • The Grade Book allows you to see all of your currently graded assignments along with any instructor comments made on the assignment. You may also view your amount of absences in the Grade Book. Click here to view more information about viewing your grades.
  • Meet is a tool that allows classes to meet in a virtual classroom through your web browser. Depending on your instructor, they may use Adobe Connect or Big Blue Button to hold virtual classroom meetings. Click the links for more information on how to use Adobe Connect or Big Blue Button.


Containers are groupings of content. These groupings can be anything such as by week, topic, or subject. For example, this course has different containers for "Lectures & Reading Assignments", "Discussions", "Presentations & projects" and "Writing Assignments". Most courses will use these containers to separate each week of assignments, but this is one way your course may be set up as well.


Learning Objects

Learning Objects are where the content for the course is housed. Clicking on a Learning Object will open a page that contains information such as discussion posts, a place to submit documents, or announcements. Learning Objects also contain links to all of the course tools like Meet, Discuss, Submit and Assess.

The Hub

The Hub is located on the right side of your screen and provides information such as: your instructor's name, classmate names, and everyone's email addresses. To learn more about how to use The Hub, click here.




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