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From the homepage, you can access your courses, email, account, and contacts.


Homepage Calendar is a listing of all of the learning objects that have assignments and activities that are due this week.  You can click on each object to open it and view the content. You will see ONLY learning objects and information that have a date assigned.


Course Information/View Course Button The course information section tells you the course name and title.  Clicking on the View Course button will open the course.

You must view the course to get all of the course information.


Download Schedule button opens a PDF view of the course schedule, into a new tab. This is an easy to read table view of the course schedule.


Account Section displays your name and allows you to access the account settings.


Home always returns you to the homepage where you can access your courses.


Help is where you will find the latest information on using the tools.


Shortcuts contains additional administrative and academic links.


Log Out is how you will exit out of BlueQuill.


Current/Upcoming/Completed Courses section shows you what you are currently enrolled and actively taking now, as well what is coming up.  You can also see a list of what courses you have completed.


Course Page

The course page is where you will find your course content and tools.  This is accessed by clicking on view course.


Course Information Section contains the course name, number and a date timeline that indicates when the course is running or active.



Download Course Materials and View Schedule PDF is where you will be able to download a zip file containing the course and it’s attached materials and resources.  The schedule PDF is an easy to read table view of the assignments along with their due dates, points, and time estimates.


Apps section contains a link to the Grade Book and Meet.


Containers are groupings of content.  These groupings can be anything such as by week, topic, or subject. For example, these containers will typically hold all of the learning objects and content for that week or grouping.


Learning Objects are where the content for the course is housed.  Learning objects also contain links to all of the course tools like Meet, Discuss, Submit and Assess.


Instructor Information is where you will see the name and a picture of the instructor for the course.


Learning Objects

The learning objects contain all of the course content detail, discussions, links to online meetings, assessments, and attachments.


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