Viewing and/or Downloading Assignments


Students can submit assignments by uploading files, or creating documents in BQ Docs. Instructors can view these assignments in the browser, or they can download the originally submitted files. 

Viewing Assignments in the Browser

When students submit an assignment, a blue document icon appears on the object. 

When that object is opened, the roster will display check marks next to students who have submitted assignments. A green check mark means the assignment was submitted before the due date, the red check marks means that the assignment was submitted late. 

Click on a student for more information, then click on the document icon with the number of submissions in blue. 

The expanded view shows all of the documents submitted by that student for that assignment. 

Click on the check mark to get the exact time when the student submitted the assignment. 

When you hover over the assignment, you will see some icons. 

  • Click this icon  to open the document. 
  • Click this icon  to display the history of that document (submissions, shares, share backs, etc.) 
  • Click this icon  to share the document back to the student for feedback. For a video demonstration of this, click here.



Downloading the original file

If you are viewing the file in the browser and decide you need to see the original submitted file, click the cloud icon. 

Downloading using the submit button

To retrieve assignments from a Learning Object:

1.     Locate the Learning Object and click once on the object to open it.


2.     Click the Submit button


3.     The DropBox interface will open where you can retrieve the submissions for that assignment


To download all of the current Final submissions:




1.     Click Select Final SubmissionsOnly


2.     Observe that checkmarks will appear next to the Final Submissions

Note:  Red indicates that the submission was late.


3.     Click the Download Selected Assignments button


4.     Verify that the ZIP file downloads and that the selected assignments are included. From here, you can review the assignments.



Downloading in the GradeGrid

You can also download assignments from the GradeGrid. To download all new final submissions:

1.     Click GradeGrid


2.     Cells that have an orange cloud icon denote new submissions. Click New Submissions, to download all highlighted cells to a zip file.



3.     Observe that the zip downloads, and then verify that the ZIP file contains the assignments. From here, you can review the assignments.




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