Adding Class Communication Objects

What information do you post?

Before you begin, consult the faculty notes and Learning Objects and consider the following questions:

  1. What information do the students need to know?
  2. How do I want my students to see/experience my Class Communication?
  3. Do I want to interact with my students or simply present information?
  4. When do I want them to see the information?
  5. Is this information critical to their success or is it supplemental information?

Place the Class Communication Object

Begin by accessing the course and locating the Communication section where the New Class Communication object is located:


1.   Create the New Class Communication


Left-click, hold and drag the new Class Communication to the desired location. Release the mouse to drop the object.

You may place the class

Communication anywhere on the canvas, in a container, between containers or next to any other Learning Object.


2.   Type in the display name


This is what the student will see on the canvas before opening the object. The title is automatically highlighted so that you can begin typing the new name.

The display title can be edited at any time by clicking once on the object.



3.   Press the Enter key on your keyboard to save the title


This will also save the location of the Class Communication. You can move the Class Communication at any time by dragging it to a new location.


4.   Click once on the object to open it


This is where you will:


    Choose Publish Options

    Add a Title

    Add Tools

    Add all of the Content

    Add a time estimate

    Add attachments





Add Content

  1. Add Content to the Student Content Area

 Click +Click to add content

 Note:  Student Content is what student will see.

  1. Type the content into the rich text box.

Paste from MS Word

Enter Simple Text

Formatting and Style


Use Special Characters

Bullets and Numbering


  1. Format the content using the formatting toolbars

Paste from MS Word

Enter Simple Text

Formatting and Style


Use Special Characters

Bullets and Numbering


  1. Click Done Editing when finished.


You may go back and edit the object at any time.


The rich text editor will close and the content will be displayed.


Turn on Tools in the Toolbox

  1. Click the Off button to toggle a Tool to On.

The Tool will display On and the box will change to blue in color.

Discuss allows you to add a topic/thread that students can post to.

Submit will add a DropBox link to the object.

Meet will add a link to the class online meet session.

Note: Meet is an optional tool, which may or may not be included in your organizations package.


Discuss is the only tool in the toolbox that requires additional configuration.

Click on the toggle box to turn on Discuss. The switch will turn blue and will display On.


  1. Click in the Enter New Topic Title text box and enter the topic title.


  1. Click +Click to add content to add the description of the topic or thread.

Include criteria, guidelines, expectations and a description so that students will be able to participate in the way that you intended.



  1. Click Done Editing


  1. Click  Create Discussion Topic


The editor will display the newly created topic


Publish to Class

Publishing allows students to see the content you have created.

  1. Click Publish to Class

This will reveal all of the publishing options but will not immediately publish to the class.

  1. Choose from the options presented

Show on Homepage Calendar creates the Class Communication Object on the Students’ homepage along with the assignment objects for that week.

Publish On allows you to enter a date and either delay the publishing to a future date, or publish today. By default, today’s date is always the default date.


To Publish NOW without placing the object on the Homepage

  1. Click Publish

With the configuration shown, this object will publish immediately to students. Students will not see it on the homepage, but they will see it on their course canvas in the location where it was created.

To Publish NOW with placement onto the Homepage Calendar

Click the Off button to turn on the homepage calendar option.

Leave the date as is

You may leave the date at the default setting, or, you may choose a different end date/due date.

Changing the date will not cause the Class Communication to disappear from the canvas, but the end date will control how long the Class Communication will stay highlighted on the Homepage Calendar.

Publish DELAYED (Future Date) with placement on the Homepage Calendar. (If today is September 20, 2012)

Choose new dates for the Start Date

The Start Date must be on or after the Publish date.


  1. Click Publish


View Published on Date


What students will see:

Students will see the object on the homepage calendar if the dates chosen align with the dates for that week of the course.

Students will also see the object highlighted on the course canvas in the week container where the object was placed.


What Instructors will see:


What Instructors will see:

For an item with a future start date


The object will remain slightly transparent

Until the object has been published, it will appear slightly transparent. Students will be able to see it on that day and it will no longer appear transparent to the Instructor.


Edit the Class Communication

  1. Editing may occur at any time before or after publishing.

Click Edit on a published object

  1. An unpublished object will open automatically in editing mode.

Changing the Icon on a Class Communication Object

Icons are a quick way for students to see at-a-glance, the type of content included in a Class Communication Object. The following is a set of instructions as to how to change the icon of a Class Communication Object

1.   In editing mode, click on the current icon


2.   A list of available icons will be displayed


Now, you can choose a new icon by clicking on it



3.   Click once on the new icon and then clickChange to accept the new Icon


4.   The new icon will immediately appear


To change it to another icon, or to change other Learning Object icons, repeat the steps above

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