Viewing Roster Information

View Roster Information

The Student Roster displays the Student’s name and current grade/percentage:

If you click a student’s name, you will see the following:

Username: Displays the username for the student. 

Last Accessed Date: Displays the date of the last time the student accessed the course, and how many times they have accessed the course.

Current Point Total: Displays how many points the student has earned out of the total possible amount of points for the course.

Summary: Displays how many points it would take the student to receive the next grade level.

Getting Email Addresses

The Roster can be used to copy the email address of anyone listed.  To get email addresses:

Click the down arrow to expand the Roster


Click on the individuals whose email you wish to see


Click Email


Copy the displayed addresses


Paste the addresses into the To: field of your email client



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