Providing Feedback to Students

There are two main ways to give detailed feedback to students on assignments apart from the general comments you can add next to the score.

1. Instructors can use In Object Grading and BQ Docs to view, edit, add feedback, and share documents back to students. 

2. Instructors can also use the GradeGrid to upload a file for feedback. 

Providing feedback using BQ Docs 

Instructors have the ability to view or download assignments from within the assignment itself. 

When students submit an assignment, a blue document icon appears on the object. 

When that object is opened, the roster will display check marks next to students who have submitted assignments. A green check mark means the assignment was submitted before the due date, the red check marks means that the assignment was submitted late. 

Click on a student for more information, then click on the document icon with the number of submissions in blue. 

The expanded view shows all of the documents submitted by that student for that assignment. 

Click on the check mark to get the exact time when the student submitted the assignment. 

When you hover over the assignment, you will see some icons. 

  • Click this icon  to open the document. 
  • Click this icon  to display the history of that document (submissions, shares, share backs, etc.) 
  • Click this icon  to share the document back to the student for feedback.

Click this icon to open the document. 

From here, the instructor can edit the document, or click on the 'ribbon' in the editor to add annotation and a specific section of the document.


You can also click the 'Overlay' button to draw on top of the document for feedback. 

When you are finished providing feedback to the student, click 'Save'. Then click the share icon in the roster to share the document back to the student. Once it's been shared back to the student, they will have access to view the feedback you included in the document. For a video demonstration of this, click here

Uploading a file for feedback

*Note: You can use In Object Grading to provide inline feedback to students without having to download and upload a file. 

If you need to upload a file for the student to download as feedback, expand the cell by clicking on the speech bubble icon in a cell that has a student submitted file. 


Click on the cloud icon that says feedback under it 

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