Proxy in as a User or Section

NOTE: This feature is only available for certain instances of BlueQuill.


A staff or a faculty can be setup to proxy as an individual or proxy in a section. This is available in Admin Tool under User Maintenance.


First, search for the proxy user that needs permission added to. This field lets you search for only staff and faculty personnel.

If there are any prior permission access for this proxy user, they will be displayed in Proxy Information. A few things that can be edited are, expiration date for a user permission, and deleting existing permissions.


To add a new permission for Proxy In As A User, select the user to be proxy as, the role permission that you want to access the user as, and an expiration date to when this permission will expire.

For example, if the role permission is set to ‘Default’, then the proxy user will get the same access to what the end user sees. But, if the role permission is set to ‘Parent’, then the proxy user will have a Parent role access to the sections that the end user has. We allow access to Home and Shortcuts pages only.


To add a new permission for Proxy In To Section, select the trimester, department, number and section. The expiration date for this permission access is automatically set to 2 weeks after the section ends.

Once the permission to a section is added, the proxy user can pick any student or the instructor from the section and proxy in as them. The proxy user will have access to just that one section.  

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