Tool Lock

Instructors can add or remove lock for the following tools. Once the lock date becomes effective, students can no longer make changes in the tool that is locked.

  • Discuss
  • Submit
  • Assess


An unlock icon will appear on each of these tools. On clicking the icon, it opens the calendar for the instructor to choose a current or a future date.


Once a lock date has been selected, the date appears on top of the tool for the instructor, and changes the icon to a lock sign. For clarification, we display the time (11.59 PM) along with the lock date. It will always be the end of the selected day.


For students, the lock date appears at a different place, as below. 


The erase icon lets the instructor delete the lock date, if needed. Before removing the date, we prompt a confirmation message to verify the change.


When lock date becomes effective, students will notice the following-

  • On Discuss lock – Students cannot add or edit topic/response/replies.
  • On Submit lock – Students cannot submit assignment for grading, unless instructor unlocks it for a student individually.
  • On Assess lock – Students cannot submit an attempt for the assessment.


Let's dive into a little more on these tool lock.

Submit Tool Lock:

There are 2 ways a student can get locked out from being able to submit their assignment. Both ways are triggered by an instructor. 

1. When student submits their assignment for submission for grading, and instructor downloads them, the ability to submit more assignments by the student gets locked.

2. Instructor can choose to add a lock date on the Submit tool. If the date expires, then it automatically adds a lock on submissions for all the students in that particular object.

The notification message that student will see at the bottom of the screen is: 


Instructor can always choose to unlock a student's submission by going into their BQDoc area in the roster, and click on the unlock sign. Also, erasing the lock date from the submit tool, will unlock the submissions for all the students in that object. Pics for each of these cases is shown below:


Discuss Lock:

Instructor can add a lock date on the Discuss tool, and once the date expires, it will make the discussion read-only to the students in that object and prevent them from making any changes to it. There is no current functionality available for the instructor to unlock per individual student, like it is for Submit tool.

Once the lock applies, this is the notification message the student will see at the bottom of the screen.


Assess Lock:

Instructor can add a lock date on the Assess tool, and once the date expires, the students will not be able to submit their attempt. The submit button will become disabled, and the student will see the following notification message. Instructor cannot unlock for an individual student in the assess tool. The functionality doesn't exist at the moment.


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