Audio and Video Feedback

Audio and Video Feedback

Instructors can now provide students with either audio or video feedback on assignments, in addition to the usual text feedback. This method of feedback can make your instructor's information more accessible and easier to understand in some cases. Watch the video below for a short walk through no how to use this feature:

Viewing Audio/Video Feedback

 1. Navigate to the course that you received feedback in and open the graded assignment. 


2. Once you've opened the assignment, you will notice next to the "Feedback:" section a link that either says "watch video" or "listen to audio". Click this link to open up your instructor's recording.



3. This will cause a popup window to appear that allows you to view/listen to your feedback.

Videos appear like so:


Audio appears like so:


Download Audio/Video Feedback

Students can download their audio and video feedback by clicking the download icon as shown below:


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